Perceptions matter

We can help you make a great impression

We offer a range of design services. From idea to running and selling your business, we can help you look the part.

Brand positioning

We create the professional and innovative image that your company deserves and help you appeal to the right people

Package Design

Clear and compelling packaging that highlights the benefits of your product. We can also help with labelling requirements and choice of sustainable materials.

Visual Communication

We use infographics, print and online visuals to illustrate complex ideas in an effective and appealing way.

Marketing Strategy

With trends and marketing channels changing rapidly, it is crucial to understand where and how to promote your brand. We use data and focus groups to ensure you make the right decisions.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to communicate. We love finding ways to express complex ideas and important information, and we feel this is best done through visuals. In a world of complexity, we aim to help organisations, from third sector to corporate, communicate with clarity.

Our Founding

We love unexpected combinations. As it happens, we founded as a result of one. Jusoh Design came to life when we discovered  that as one scientist and one graphic designer, we are able to combine solid research with creative thinking in a unique way. It also helps us bridge the gap between Academia and business. A nice blend of rigorous testing and finger painting.

Our Values

We want you and everyone involved in a project to feel excited and join the creative atmosphere. Design can have many functions and we want to make sure that what we create has a positive impact. This means always promoting sustainable packaging options, a brand strategy that will stand the test of time and helping you implement every new design smoothly.


The best way to create a great solution is to really get to know your company and goals. This is why we have a small team, drawing from our big extended family when we need to. Teaming up with GearedApp for App and Web development, and a range of happy faces who handle social media, photography and videography, we can offer you everything you need from one place. Each of our partners are specialised in their fields to make sure you have the right team at hand for your project.

Creative, exciting and straight forward design

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