Empowering women


Project Type

Client Requirements

Mbikudi is working to empower African and Caribbean women through natural beauty products, nutrition classes and much more. Many competitive brands contain high levels of chemicals and the CEO started the company after her hair caught fire during a birthday party due to flammable ingredients. Mbikudi needed a brand identity and packaging that reflects their values of organic and chemical free ingredients. They requested a friendly and positive appearance and avoiding cliche African and Caribbean patterns. 


We focused on creating a dynamic brand that can change depending on the product. This includes a wide range of custom illustrations of ingredients to allow any size of packaging and collateral to quickly be adaptable. We also made sure that all packaging is made of recyclable materials to help the brand become more eco-friendly.


The brand is reflecting positivity and honesty by pairing vibrant colours with a clean illustration style and font pairing. To help customers understand what a product contains, all ingredients listed are accompanied by an icon. To help Mbikudi expand their social media, we also created a banner made of hand cut paper ingredients and shot using glass layers to create depth. By not including a specific product in the banner, it can be used even if products change.


Mbikudi is a Social Enterprise which is something we want to highlight. We thought about different ways to inform customers without compromising the design aesthetic. The solution is a combination of custom icons and a word from the CEO explaining the story behind the products.