Building a visual identity


Project Type

Client Requirements

GearedApp develop websites and apps and have grown significantly since their start four years ago. As they moved from an incubator to a new office and expanded their team, they felt the need to change their brand image. The main goals were to increase credibility among larger clients and to expand their existing brand to a full visual language.


We started by carrying out market research on competitors and their ideal clients to better understand what direction the new designs should take. Once the direction was established, we helped the company roll out the brand across print, their website and social media. A large portion of what the company does such as research and coding is never seen by the client but is crucial for a successful outcome. The concept for the visual language is hence based on playing with what is visible and not.


The final designs have created a more focused visual language which makes implementation and day-to-day updates more manageable. The unique word mark now allows GearedApp to use the mark by itself or combined with the icon to create a more dynamic implementation. The clean design allows for more playful patterns and animations to grab attention and stay relevant.


A rebrand is always an interesting balance between retaining recognition from past clients and letting go of things that are not working. By changing most of the visuals but maintaining a restyled version of the initial icon, we were able to strike that balance.