Illustrations for a biotech startup


Project Type

Client Requirements

GearedApp were building a website for Eurobiotix, a socially responsible company providing services to hospitals. They needed a set of illustrations to make the website more approachable while still remaining professional. 


We started by creating an illustration style based on the shades and colours found in the company’s logo. This means we can expand on the brand while making sure that customers recognise them. We also added three additional colours to fit with each of the scientific fields.


Using positive colours in details of the illustrations helps with building trust and gives a friendly impression. The simple and straightforward style makes the site feel clear and easy to use.


The main challenge for this project was taking a topic people might feel uncomfortable discussing and helping them feel at ease. After trying different levels of detail, we understood that simple illustrations that makes the steps appear simple are the most helpful since most information can be found in the accompanied text.