Building a visual identity


Project Type

Client Requirements

Amolingua provide tailored language courses with a personal tutor to both companies and people looking to improve their personal language skills. They felt that their previous brand did not convey the diversity of languages and cultures that they engage with and teach. It was important that the new visual language could easily be transformed from B-to-B to B-to-C and work well in smaller formats such as apps and social media icons. 


We drew inspiration from different language typefaces and combined signs and letters from some of their most common courses to create the logo style. Photography was a core component in making the service feel personal and tailored to you.


We developed a range of colours to fit with the brands different branches as well as distinguishing between the corporate and private clients. The slogan is dynamic with “empower to” remaining and the last word changing depending on the context.


Making sure that the logo and visual style appeals to people from different cultures and backgrounds poses a unique challenge. By avoiding the decision of an existing object or symbol, we give the viewer the chance to establish their own associations with the brand.