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Shelf space, physical or online is competitive and your packaging needs to stand apart and communicate why your product is the best option. In addition, packaging is a great place to showcase your brand and help customers connect with your company values. We can help from idea to store by advising on certifications and materials and create a bespoke design. These are the steps involved in the package design process.

Starting Point

Perhaps you already have existing packaging or a logo. We look at what you have together and decide what will work and what needs to be improved. This also includes creating a full scope of the number of products and their needs such as maximising shelf life or withstanding transport.


We look at your competitors and what they are doing to appeal to customers. By learning from recent rebrands and what your customers are looking for, we can make more informed decisions about your designs.


We create several concepts based on our research and discussions. Together, we talk through the benefits of each and you decide which direction best fits your goals.


We carry out any necessary changes to the chosen concept before we move forward to make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome.


We design the packing in line with your chosen printing company’s guidelines. We can also help you with printer communications such as test-printing and proofing or helping you find the right printer for your needs.


If you would like, we are happy to show you how to order additional packaging in the future and we hand over all original files at the end of the project. We are also happy to answer any questions that pop up over time.

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