Complexity to Clarity

Help more people understand and appreciate what you offer in a beautiful way using illustrations


Taste by Fusion
Taste by Fusion


Attention spans are getting shorter and visuals are getting more important for capturing and keeping the interest of customers. Illustrations are great if you have a new products that needs some explaining or if you would just like to make your social media, website or packaging more memorable.

Starting Point

We want to make sure that the illustrations are in line with any existing branding that you have. To help you with this, we look at your existing visual language and what you would like the illustrations to convey. For example, do you want to highlight your advanced technology or would you like to make people smile when they see your page?


It is always a good idea to learn more about your customers and what they like before you put pen to paper. We look at what your competitors are doing to appeal to the same customers and create a visual strategy before we get started.


We create several concepts based on our research and discussions. Together, we talk through the benefits of each and you decide which direction best fits your goals.


We carry out any necessary changes to the chosen concept before we move forward to make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome.


We design the illustrations and prepare them for your intended use such as social media, website or print. If you need any assistance with printer communications or uploading the design, we can help.


We will always give you all original files and help answer any questions that pop up over time.

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