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There is a reason you started your business. In a sea of companies, it is important to be focused and clear when you tell that story. More than ever, people are looking to connect with brands before they buy. This means being honest and engaging but also approach the industry from a unique angle. We can help you both create a brand strategy that helps you communicate clearly and a visual language that resonates with your customers.

Starting Point

You might already have a brand, a logo or a social media presence or you might just be starting out. Regardless, we like to start by learning more about your company and why you started and if you have been around for a while, what has been working and what needs tweaking. If you are not sure why your product is not selling, we can help you with customer research to find out how you are perceived before we get started.


To make sure we create the most effective branding strategy for you and avoid infringing on other companies intellectual property, we start by conducting research on your competitors. We also look in to your ideal customers behaviours and preferences to tailor the design to them.


We create several concepts based on our research and discussions. Together, we talk through the benefits of each and you decide which direction best fits your goals.


We carry out any necessary changes to the chosen concept before we move forward to make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome.


We create all the designs and a set of brand guidelines to help you implement your brand in a clear and consistent way. Together the design will give you a unique visual language that helps customers recognise you and your values quickly.


We will always give you all original files and help answer any questions that pop up over time.

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