Strategy, see the context

Make informed decisions based on your customer needs and wants




Having a well defined strategy can save you both time and money by avoiding tactics that are ineffective or even hurt your brand. We can help you figure out the best way forward by conducting research in to your customers and competitors. With this information, we give advice on brand positioning and implementation. The strategy process has three steps.


We start by looking at the competitive landscape and create a profile of what the typical competitors visual strategies look like. We also create personas for your customers. A persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer, including information such as buying habits, social media use and interests. This information can help you be seen and stay relevant to right people.


The next step is to look over the information together and decide on a direction. We will give you a summary report of our findings and you can give feedback based on your knowledge of your company and customers. We use creative techniques to come up with new and exciting ways of making your brand come to life. Because of our thorough research, we can address the needs of your customer and therefore be as innovative as possible.


In the last phase, we start testing our strategy using several forms of feedback. This way, we can make any necessary tweaks to the concepts and make sure that when you implement the strategy, it will be at it’s most successful.

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